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We are a UK Cyber Security consultancy focused on helping small and medium-sized businesses and charities defend their assets from bad guys.

UK Cybersecurity Consultancy

Confused by the cyber security lingo? We'll help you cut to the chase

Don’t know your SQL Injections from your ARP Poisonings? Our consultants will cut through the jargon and help your business implement the strategy and technologies you need to keep your business’s security in tip-top condition. 

Unlike other security consultancies, we don’t believe in using fancy jargon to scare the living daylight of our clients into buying what they don’t need. Instead, you can count on us for friendly yet informed cybersecurity advice.  We believe that a good business is a secure business, and when you work with us you’re on the road to a more secure future. 


How we can help

We are a UK-based cybersecurity that is focused exclusively on helping SMEs develop robust security apparatus to fend off cyber attacks. Our social engineering simulations and cybersecurity awareness programmes are designed to create a ‘security consciousness’ that permeates throughout your organisation.  

Get #CyberReady

Our straight-talking consultancy package offers the complete cybersecurity ‘in a box’ solution for SMEs, and will mitigate up to 90% of common attacks. It’s an offer your business cannot afford to miss out on. 

Phishing Simulations

Sophisticated phishing simulations. We impersonate and use the same techniques hackers use to penetrate your organisation – and we’ll report and fix any vulnerabilities we find in the process.

Awareness Training

Fun & engaging security awareness training. We’ll demonstrate the techniques that are used to penetrate computers and provide practical steps each of your colleagues can take to mitigate the risk.

About Us

Your trusted team of qualified cybersecurity consultants

We’re hackers at heart, and we know what it takes to penetrate a network or a website. But instead of maliciously hacking for ill-gotten gains, we’re hacking for the right reasons.

It’s our job to find security vulnerabilities in your organisation and remediate them before your adversaries exploit them. We believe that by adopting the mindset of an attacker, we can see threats that would otherwise go unnoticed. 

When you work with Click Here Security, you’re putting your faith in a team of cybersecurity enthusiasts who love what they do and are committed to delivering the best possible security solution for our clients. 


Our latest insights

We post original cyber security insights every week. From hacking techniques to comprehensive analysis, our insights offer a novel look into the world of ethical hacking.

Cryptography is under attack like never before. The technology that protects our data from malign actors is at risk of being compromised by quantum computing. In this insights article, we’ll explore the risks, and opportunities, posed by quantum computing.
The OSI model is widely used to describe how computer networks operate. In this insights article, we’ll be exploring how the model works, and busting some jargon along the way.
So you’ve installed a firewall and installed an intrusion detection system. But let’s not neglect the all-to-common scenario of an attacker having physical access to your machine. In this insights article, we’ll explore how to secure your endpoints from malicious tampering.
This article explores the benefits and considerations of transitioning to Linux, helping you determine if it’s the right time for you to embrace this open-source operating system.
Cyberessentials is a must-have certification for any business that’s serious about protecting their assets. In this insights article, we’ll explore how much it costs to become cyber essentials certified.
We recommend that our clients use virtualisation as a means of compartmentalising their assets. In this resource, we provide a step by step guide to implementing virtualisation on your computer.
Cryptojacking is an emerging threat that involves malware on your computer mining cryptocurrency without your knowledge. Let’s look at what it is and how it works.
WPScan is a powerful vulnerability scanner for analysing websites built using the WordPress platform. In this guide, we’ll explore the top commands that every ethical hacker needs to know to get the best from this tool.
This 20,000+ word article is the authoritative, ultimate guide to maintaining your privacy. Covering everything from counter forensics to TAILS.
We regularly hear news stories concerning the latest data breaches. But this prompts the question: what exactly happens to stolen data after it’s been extracted from an organisation’s network?
Log4Shell was the ‘single biggest most critical vulnerability of the past decade’, which prompted a global panic among server administrators. But what is the Log4Shell vulnerability, and what can it teach us?

Take your security to new heights

Do you need help with your cybersecurity but aren’t sure where to start? Click Here Security is the cybersecurity agency for SMEs looking to defend their assets from their adversaries. Our no-nonsense approach 

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